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HR 35
Americas 100
Cities in Action

Our mission will be accomplished by the following objectives:
  • To create a network of political, community, opinion and grass-root leaders in The Americas committed to democratic reform and solutions to poverty, under the framework of a social market economy.
  • Establishment of a Staff and Fellows Council that will pursue research and produce policy papers and other products and services base on the concrete demands of our network of leaders.
  • To promote exchange and synergies with other “think-tanks” in The Americas.
  • Networking by promoting close ties among our leaders in order to share experiences, provide mutual support and common agendas to impact public opinion around the hemisphere.
  • Research on successful experiences to transfer know-how among and troughout the network.

Promote democracy and development in the Americas forming new talent and leadership,
encouraging innovation and international cooperation activities and exchange of good practices
HR 35 Americas 100 Cities in Action
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