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Americas 100

HR 35
Americas 100
Cities in Action

This is an initiative to create a Network of Emerging Leaders in the Americas to exchange ideas, best practices and promote alliances to foster relations among this group of nations. With this purpose:
1) Network of Parlamentary Leaders. This initiative will provide the participants with ideas, tools and support to seek reforms and develop a leadership committed to develop partnerships among the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula. 
2) Capacity Building Programs for Democratic Consolidation. The initiative programs are directed to organize and empower citizens, and advise them in areas such as strategic communications, participation, electoral strategies and voting defense, through the empowerment of civil society.
3)  IQ Latino. Is a platform for Latino Social, Economic and Poltical Empowerment, focusing on development, innovation, policies or projects for social inclusion, and social impact entrepreneurship.
The Fellows will honor with the Romulo Betancourt and the IQLatino Awards an emerging leader whose progressive legislative work has made a substantial contribution to democracy, equal opportunity and development in the Americas. The awardees will become CDDA Fellows.

Promote democracy and development in the Americas forming new talent and leadership,
encouraging innovation and international cooperation activities and exchange of good practices
HR 35 Americas 100 Cities in Action
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