Center for Democracy and
Development in the Americas
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The Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas (CDDA) is a global non-profit dedicated to promote an inclusive democracy with a productive and equitable economic system in the United States of America, Iberoamerica and the Caribbean. 
Our organization focuses on activities, research and programs on the following topics:
  • Laws or policies that promote equal opportunities
  • Education and Social Integration.
  • Institutional Strengthening, Political Tolerance and Reconciliation
  • Rule of Law and Human Rights Enforcement.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship with social impact.
  • Cities
  • Policies addressing climate change.
  • Development Partnerships in the Inter-American System.
Promote democracy and development in the Americas forming new talent and leadership,
encouraging innovation and international cooperation activities and exchange of good practices
HR 35 Americas 100 Cities in Action
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