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The Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas (CDDA) is a global non-profit dedicated to create a platform for research and cooperation to promote new ideas and educate a new leadership committed to sustainable democratic change in the region.
In recent years, Latin America has made significant positive changes in the economic front, particularly driven by a growth in natural resource prices in the last decade, however, there is a long way to go in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation, in order to really make these achievements sustainable. Moreover, poverty and inequality are a drama of the region. Consequently, while democracy has made significant progress, social conditions continue to incubate radical populism, excessive government intervention in the economy, political patronage, authoritarianism and corruption. Institutional weaknesses, including the legislative and judicial powers in ensuring the rule of law, have contributed to the expansion of organized crime.
In this context, poverty, inequality, political instability and lack of security, migration remain pressing problems in the Americas, with a significant impact on the relationship between the U.S. and Latin America. To help to solve these issues, our organization focuses on activities, research and programs on the following topics:
  • Inequality and laws or policies that promote equal opportunities
  • Education and Social Integration.
  • Institutional Strengthening, Political Tolerance and Reconciliation
  • Rule of Law and Human Rights Enforcement.
  • Innovation, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility
Global non-profit research and educational organization, acting as a platform for new ideas
A space for building the Venezuela Venezuelan possible from where they are
Promote democracy and development in the Americas forming new talent and leadership,
encouraging innovation and international cooperation activities and exchange of good practices
HR 35 Americas 100 Cities in Action
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